Fuyu Persimmon Shake

I find it hard to eat breakfast on a daily basis even though I know I should.  But, the thought of a creamy persimmon and banana smoothie gets me going in the morning.  This is vitamin packed and surprisingly hearty.

#1I use Fuyu Persimmons for this.  They are a non-astringent variety of persimmon and I like to save the more flavorful and decadent Hachiya Persimmons to eat on their own. After waiting weeks and weeks for a Hachiya Persimmon to ripen I would never toss it in a blender.#2I buy bananas every week and could nearly subsist on them if needed.  Sometimes though, I am a bit overzealous and end up with a whole bunch of browning bananas on my counter that are a couple of days from spoiling.  When that happens, I instantly peel them and cut them up and place them in a glass container in the freezer.  I use them for smoothies, frozen desserts, or dip them in chocolate as needed.#3I like to use a healthy amount of nutmeg and cinnamon to give this a kick.#4I don’t add ice to mine during blending and just let the frozen bananas do the cooling work. 

– 2 Fuyu Persimmons
– 1 Frozen Banana (roughly three pieces)
– 1 Lemon for juicing
– 1 healthy pinch of nutmeg
– 1 healthy pinch of cinnamon (I like the softer and warmer taste of Korintje Cinnamon instead of Vietnamese Cinammon for this)
– Handful of Ice optional


1) Wash the persimmons and with a knife remove the hard green stem. Cut each persimmon into four pieces and place in blender.

2) Wash and dry the lemon. Cut in half and squeeze with a citrus press all of the juice into a blender.

3) Add a a couple of pinches of nutmeg and cinnamon depending upon taste.

4) Add the bananas and a small handful of ice if you wish. Pour in enough water to make sure your blender will be able to properly blend all ingredients but you don’t need too much.

5) Pour, enjoy, and rush out the door.

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