Hibiscus & Ginger Tea

Buy dried hibiscus flowers, and buy them now. They are used all over the world as a beverage and I feel late to the party. I make a tea out of them here, but they are also great for popsicles á la agua de Jamaica. Ginger is added here to soothe the stomach.

IMG_3892Their color is even more fantastic when unleashed in water. IMG_3895I add Chia seeds to my leftover tea and place it in the fridge to have iced for breakfast.IMG_3906Wash your ginger well so that you can keep the skin on.IMG_3933Chia seeds work well with this when cold.IMG_3924I serve this tea hot at the end of dinner parties. It’s a soothing ending and people are normally done drinking, especially in LA where you have to drive home.

– 3 Tbsp. dried hibiscus flowers
– 2 Tbsp. sliced ginger
– Chia seeds (optional)
– 1 Meyer lemon (juiced)


1) Place dried hibiscus flowers and thinly sliced ginger into tea kettle. Pour boiling water in.

2) Let steep for 5 minutes, then add Meyer lemon juice. Steep for another 5 minutes.

3) Pour hot.

4) Let cool and bit and add to container with Chia seeds and shake.

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