Papaya & Mint Juice

Sometimes after a couple of days of unhealthy eating & drinking I feel the need to put something good and refreshing in my body. This is it. The papaya is chock-full of vitamins and the mint is invigorating.

IMG_3823Buy a papaya in advance and let it sit on a counter. This is a fruit that needs to ripen, it should almost looked bruise and should be soft to touch.  IMG_3825Limes & papaya are a traditional pairing.IMG_3842A bit of agave nectar added to the mix.IMG_3854Enjoy.

– 1 Mexican Papaya
– 1 Bushel fresh mint
– 2 limes (juiced)
– 1 Tsp. agave nectar
– 1 Cup filtered water


1) Cut papaya in half. Remove seeds and scoop flesh out and into blender.

2) Wash and dry a small bushel of mint. Remove leaves and place in blender.

3) Wash limes and juice into blender with a citrus press.

4) Add agave nectar. Add water. Blend until smooth.

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