Queso Panela & Queso Oaxaca Quesadillas

Panela cheese is almost magic as it will melt but not lose its shape. This makes it perfect for quesadillas, or simply grilled by itself and placed on top of beans or a chile. This cheese, along with good corn quesadillas, makes for the simplest dish ever that your friends will love. They will eat more than two so have plenty of cheese on hand.

IMG_3748Go to a Mexican market near you. These here are made fresh by a vendor in LA and sold at Northgate Market. IMG_3752Cook the Panela cheese first in a pan. It should develop a slight crust on each side.IMG_3747Add Oaxacan cheese if you want something creamier.IMG_3789Toast the tortillas and enjoy with Borracha sauce.

-Multiple corn tortillas
-2 Lb. Panela cheese

1) Sear/grill Panela cheese in a cast iron or conventional pan on high heat. Cook for approximately 4 minutes.

2) Place hot cheese inside of two tortillas.

3) Place on hot panini press. Or, on pan with a cover and flip.

4) Enjoy.


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