Roasted Branzino

Whole fish is easy, economical, and delicious.  Serving them for a dinner of friends or family is not only somewhat dramatic but brings everyone together as you split them.  As long as you keep the fish moist, you will be an ace.  FYI, make sure you have at least half a whole fish per person.

#1Wash inside and out.  Hopefully your fishmonger has already cleaned them. #2The eyes should be clear indicating freshness.#6If they have to crowd a bit in the pan don’t sweat.  Just be sure to have enough room to pull each out cleanly once cooked.#3Your lemon slices will keep the fish moist.#4Kept the fish head closest to the fire here.  Some swear by the eyes.  #5The skin should be able to peel away from the good flesh easily.#7Add some parsley for color and make sure you have lemons for the table.

– 1 Branzino
– 2 Lemons (1 for the Fish and 1 for the Table)
– 2 Tsp. herbs such as Herbs de Provence
– Sea Salt & Black Pepper
– Glug of Olive Oil
– Parsley for Garnish


1) Rinse and clean fish. Place on paper towel and wipe dry then transfer to a plate.  Rub with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and fresh pepper.

2) Cut lemon into 1/3 inch circles and place inside of fish.  You should be able to place about 4 lemon circles in the cavity.  Rub herbs inside of fish and place fish in a cast iron pan.  Sprinkle some olive oil on.

3) Roast on 450 F for approximately 12-15 minutes.  If you want the skin real crisp like a wood burning oven, broil for one minute but adjust cooking time accordingly.

4) Serve with fresh parsley and lemon wedges.  Offer to prepare the fish for anyone seeming to struggle to get clean pieces/fillets.

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