Roasted Purple Peruvian Potatoes

These were a great find at the farmer’s marker. Sometimes when it’s cold out, that’s definitely relative depending on where you are at, you just feel like a dish like this. Enjoy the warmth it brings.

IMG_3986I used Rosemary here, but any other hearty herb will do. IMG_3989Wash them well. The skins are the best. IMG_4005A healthy amount of olive oil will make them crisp.IMG_4023This is some amazing salt that my mother gave me after a trip to Boston. I realized later it has somewhat of a cult following so order some online–the mix of salt and super aromatic herbs is worth it.     IMG_3999Mix everything well. I leave my garlic like this so that it almost turns into little garlic chips while baking.  IMG_4012Bon appétit.


– 3 Lbs. Potatoes
– 1 Bushel fresh Rosemary (or a mixture of other fresh herbs such as thyme)
– 6 Cloves garlic (sliced into thin pieces)
– 3 Glugs of olive oil
– Salt & Pepper (Mix some herbs with your salt like marjoram)


1) Wash and dry potatoes. Cut into two or three pieces per potato size so that all pieces are roughly equal.

2) Wash herbs and chop. Add to potatoes along with olive oil, salt and pepper.

3) Slice garlic cloves. Add to potatoes and mix all ingredients together.

4) Place in baking dish at 425 F. Stir twice and cook for 25 minutes.

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