Corvina with Preserved Kumquats & Sorrel

Corvina, or Pacific White Sea Bass, is a firm flavorful white fish. I buy mine frozen and vacuum packed with two fillets each–it is relatively inexpensive. Corvina is highly rated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch in terms of sustainability so you can feel good eating it. FYI, Corvina is not actually a “bass” so it packs a bit more flavor than its more mild counterpart. Its texture is fantastic and the fish can handle the grill, pan, or oven.

IMG_4154The fish is flavorful, not fishy though, so it will stand up to the spices. This spice mix is a gift from my sister after she lived in Morocco. The blend is reproduced below and I use it on everything.IMG_4146These preserved Kumquats are from my parent’s tree–my mom makes cans of the stuff to add a citrusy briny note when needed. You can make multiple can’s worth in less than an hour if you can get your hands on some kumquats–they are in season now and won’t last long so hurry. There is a great recipe hereIMG_4162Cook the fish with the preserved kumquats. Spoon some of the juice over the fish while cooking.IMG_4178I decided to keep my Sorrel basically raw. It’s real bright and tangy so let it do its thing–its almost like a citrusy spinach. Thus, no need to add lemon to finish the fish.

– 2 Corvina Fillets (Approximately 1 Lb. Total)
– 1 Handful Sorrel (Approximately 6 leaves)
– 6 Preserved Kumquats (If you can’t get them, toss in a fresh lemon peel and a tsp. of capers)
– 1 tsp. Paprika
– 1 tsp. Turmeric
– 1/2 tsp. Cumin
– 1/2 tsp. Ground Coriander
– 1/2 tsp. Chile Powder
– 1/4 tsp. Allspice
– Olive Oil for cooking
– Sea Salt & Black Pepper


1) Rinse fish and dry. Add sea salt and fresh black pepper. Let rest on plate.

2) Mix spices in small mixing bowl. Sprinkle over fish on both sides. Rub the fish so that no spices will be lost once transferred to the pan. Wash Sorrel leaves, dry, then slice into thin strips. Save Sorrel for the end of the dish.

3) Heat a medium sized pan over medium heat then add olive oil. Add kumquats. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of the juice from the jar too. Cook kumquats for one minute till they begin to sweat. Turn heat to medium-high then add fish.

4) Cook fish on one side for 5 minutes. While cooking, spoon the olive oil and kumquat juice over the fish a couple of times.

5) After cooking on one side for 5 minutes flip the fish fillets. Your fish should have a nice crust on one side. Cook for approximately 3 minutes more. This fish is moist so it will be difficult to overcook but you do not want to cook for more than ten minutes if your pan is properly hot.

6) While fish is still in pan add Sorrel to the top of the fish. Spoon juice over and cook for 20 seconds. You just want some of the Sorrel to begin to wilt. You can simply serve it raw if you wish.

7) Remove fish, Sorrel, and kumquats from pan and let rest for one minute. Serve.

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