Welcome to Juris Epicurus. Epicurus was the Greek philosophical founder of Epicureanism. He posited a love of good food & drink and taught that such mortal pleasures and an acute awareness of them are a means to the ultimate good. That’s a philosophy and belief system I can get behind on a daily basis.

I began this blog while working toward my Juris Doctorate. I graduated from law school in Los Angeles in 2015 and used cooking at home as a creative outlet throughout my three years of studying. I cooked and baked to take a break from the law school life and I dined out as a means to experience this incredible city and all it had and continues to offer. I have cooked since I was a young kid, being first assigned my family’s nightly salads, and come from an Italian family that shares an obsession with food. My greatest joy is cooking for family and friends and bonding over meals and drinks. My best memories tend to involve food and I believe that great food and service is one of the first steps to living well.

I hope you all enjoy my efforts. I try to cook healthy meals that are relatively easy and inexpensive. I’m inspired by all types of food and return to my Italian roots for quick nightly meals when pressed for time. I head to my local farmers market every Sunday to take in the bounty that Southern California offers and look to see what the area’s chefs are doing with it. I hope to see some of you in the awesome and diverse food realms of Southern California as I work about. I wish my readers good health, good food, and good wine.  Salute!


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  1. Will try the mussels tomorrow. Just had them for the first time at Dusek’s last week. Was amazed i could find a recipe for them. Thank you!

  2. Tried your Dusek’s Mussels last night with the person that shared them with me at Dusek’s a week ago. We were blown away–my friend thought it tasted just like the original as did I. Felt like I was making a high quality restaurant meal. I was a bit nervous about it since this was the first time I’d ever made mussels. I believe I now have my go-to elegant starter. Given the cost of mussels in a restaurant it never occurred to me they were so inexpensive when you bought them in the market. Now i have to figure out what other recipes to try. From what I’ve read so far I believe you are quite inspired. As someone who’s been a lawyer for over 30 years, are you sure you want to continue? Think you have a calling in food–which is a lot more fun! Thanks.

    • Hello Charlotte, thank you for your message this past summer. Just wanted you to know that I am now working in food and that your message came at the right time as I was preparing to make the leap. So thank you for your encouragement! I am glad you enjoyed the mussels, and hope that you are continuing to enjoy all the fantastic food Chicago has to offer. Cheers!

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