Kochukaru Quick Pickles

These pickles are from Roy Choi’s new book L.A. Son–I highly recommend it. Both for the food and the stories. I grew up in Southern California so his tales ring true. These pickles are legit. So quick, easy, and delicious. I’ve been making them for a snack or bringing them over to friends.

IMG_4069Get Persian Cucumbers.IMG_4083Star anise and chile does the work. I go extra on both.IMG_4078Mix well.IMG_4105Eat them after an hour in the fridge.IMG_4101Serve at parties, as an easy gift for a friend, or for yourself.

– 6 Persian Cucumbers
– 2 tsp. sea salt
– 4 Star Anise
– 1 Tbsp. Sesame Oil
– 2 Tbsp. Rice Vinegar
– Pinch of Sugar
– 1 1/2 Tbsp. Rosted Sesame Seeds
– 2 tsp. Kochukaru
– Fresh Black Pepper


1) Wash cucumbers and dry. Cut into pieces and place in large mixing bowl. Top with sea salt and toss.

2) Place sesame oil, rice vinegar, sesame seeds and kochukaru in small mixing bowl. Mix well while adding sugar.

3) Heat pan on medium, then add star anise. Toast star anise for two minutes. Add cucumbers, cook for two minutes.

4) Add sauce mixture to cucumbers while cooking. Stir, cook for one minute then add fresh black pepper to taste.

5) Place in fridge and cool for one hour. Enjoy.


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